Selected partners

The strict selection and research of production companies means that Maini Frutta is able to respond effectively to a national and international market that is increasingly demanding in terms of quality, but equally attentive to the price factor, as only a private company can do. 90% of the merchandise sold is distributed in Italy.


Faithful to nature and close to the consumer, we thus ensure prompt distribution and the widest guarantee of wholesomeness and freshness.

Quality at the highest levels

The product is followed right from the harvest, when the fruit is still growing on the plants.
Our producers are supported by our staff who carry out a monitoring activity to verify that the product reaches a quality standard at the highest levels.

The product must then be processed and stored in the Fridge Preservation. This phase takes place in controlled atmosphere cells, constantly monitored with high-tech computerized systems to optimize results, so as to have a wide range of offers and a high quantity of production.